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- cardboard boxes
- aeroplast

- stretch films
- scotch tape

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Stretch film and air bubble wrap

Protect your items while moving them with the help of our workers or on your own. The black and white stretch film is suitable for packing any item. We also offer two types of bubble wraps for fragile items.

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The image of moving companies

Each moving company needs a positive organizational image. Once achieved, the image becomes a precious resource for the company that can be used on many different occasions to also create a positive image of the workers. The good organizational image involves the true and faithful ‘friends’ of the moving company who offer perspectives for good positions on the market. It is important to mention that once the image has been created, changing it is a very slow process. It usually takes 2 – 3 years.

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We have prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions. Take a look. You may as well find the answer to your question.

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“Moem da nosim”, contact details

You can contact us by phone, e-mail or visit our office
Transport and Moving Services, phone: +359/888 100 238.
Shop: 68 Simeonovsko shoes blvd., Sofia

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Moem da nosim Movers

„Moem da nosim” is well known brand on the market since 2008 as a brand of the company „Chist Co” Ltd. The company works with clients across different business sectors, individuals, financial, government institutions etc. During the years, the team of „Moem da nosim” proved their professional skills and fair treatment of customers.

„Chist Co” Ltd., is registered in Sofia city; company headquarters is also located in Sofia and the main activity of the company is transport and relocation services.

With the brand „Moem da nosim” the company offers moving services, transportation services, assembly works, packaging, delivery of packaging materials and other services that can be found below under Other services.

Since 2013 the company has packaging materials store. You can order the packaging materials that are needed for your business relocation via the Internet, or by telephone.

Chist Co Ltd., has its own equipment, vehicles, electric transport carts, pallet jacks and other equipment necessary for smooth implementation of Company's activities. „Moem da nosim” has proved to have the appropriate moving equipment for the orders implementation. We perform our contracts with the required quality and we comply with customers’ deadlines.

„Moem da nosim” staff has a big experience in the field of relocation and transportation activities. We meet our commitments according to customer requirements, ensure timely and quality execution of work and we offer flexible prices. We resolve issues with problems in a very short time and in a manner of competence.

Our customers thanked us for our good cooperation with company’management and executive staff. Here you can view the recommendations received from customers of „Moem da nosim”.

Fun facts, trivia or events can be found in the Curious facts section of our website. You will read fun stories and interesting jokes.