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Packing materials

For the convenience of our clients we have classified the packing materials in categories such as boxes, film, tape, paper and types such as packing tape, double-sided tape, paper tape, etc. You can order online at low prices. Trust us!

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Boxes, air bubble wrap, polyethylene foam, stretch film, bags and tape: packing tips!

We recommend that you read the tips in order to protect your property from damage.

Our long-term experience in moving services gives us an advantage; we know what is required for a successful move. We will also advise you on the protection of your items during moving and transport and the choice of packing materials suitable for your items / property. The packing materials we commonly use are cardboard boxes, air bubble film (aeroplast), polyethylene foam, stretch film, bags, special paper, nylon and tape. Below, we explain how these packing products are used.

1. Boxes
Boxes are the most widely used packing material in moving. The distinction between three- and five-ply boxes is important with respect to their durability. The former are more suitable for packing clothes, while the latter are apropriate for heavy books, folders, etc. Apart from the durability of the boxes, you should also take into account their size. Smaller three-ply boxes may be suitable for archive, while larger boxes are more appropriate for bulky, lightweight items. The extra durable five-ply boxes are suitable for heavy books, textbooks, and very fragile glassware and porcelain items. Consider the size and weight of the box, so that it can be moved / carried by one person. It is advisable to first wrap any fragile items in bubble film, corrugated cardboard, polyethylene foam or other protective packing. Pack each item individually for extra protection during moving and transportation. A wardrobe box with a hanger is suitable for easy moving of clothes such as suits, dresses and coats to avoid creasing.
To ensure reliable protection of your items during the move, the boxes must be full and folded only at the designated places. If there are empty spaces in any box, use another types of packing materials to fill them in. Label each box, listing its contents.

2. Air bubble film, polyethylene foam
This is the next type of packing material which can protect your items during the move. Bubble film is suitable for packing of soft furniture and fragile items. As with boxes, its thickness (two-ply, three-ply, small bubbles and large bubbles) and weight per square meter are important. The large bubble wrap and the high quality kraft paper lined with bubble film are more suitable for packing of expensive, easily damaged or fragile items. If you are looking for balance in price and durability, you can consider polyethylene foam lined with bubble or HD film. These materials can be used to pack any item. You can reduce your expenses if you use polyethylene foam, suitable for insulation and packing. It is a commonly used material for packing furniture and protecting items during construction and renovation.

3. Stretch film and nylon
Universal packing material for protection of items during moving and transport. Its specifications such as extensibility, durability and adhesion are important for its application. Pay attention to the quantity of stretch in a roll and consider how many rolls you will need for packing. One roll of 1.2 kg with approximate length of 100 meters is sufficient for appropriate packing of three couches. Packing films are suitable for packing both items and pallets. If you are sending a package or transporting boxes with precious items, wrap them with stretch film to prevent opening and collection of dust. The black stretch film also protects the package from sunlight. Nylon is a versatile material more suitable for wrapping items during construction and renovation works and for your daily chores at home. It can also be used for protection during moving and transport.
The most common spools on the Bulgarian market weigh from 250 to 500 g. This weight must be subtracted from the total to calculate the quantity of stretch film. The length of the film cannot be precisely estimated, so the weight measure is more accurate. The stretch film we offer and use in office and flat moves has excellent specifications and 150% extensibility. It is used for hand packing and we have all sizes listed in the shop on stock.

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