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- cardboard boxes
- aeroplast

- stretch films
- scotch tape

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Packing materials

For the convenience of our clients we have classified the packing materials in categories such as boxes, film, tape, paper and types such as packing tape, double-sided tape, paper tape, etc. You can order online at low prices. Trust us!

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Packaging materialsTransportRelocationMovers

Movers Moem da nosim. Choose a category and you can find useful information for moving services and packing materials.

Movers - large orders

Movers - large orders

When choosing movers, there are many significant issues that everyone must comply with. For large orders, customers must be more careful when choosing the moving company. Every moving company has different options. Moving company movers has different experience. It is important to know equipment disposal of movers: transport vehicles, auxiliary equipment (pallet trucks, trolleys, packaging materials). This is important for the easy and high quality order performance (with no property damage).

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