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Moem da nosim

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With “MOEM DA NOSIM”, you will feel at ease, because few businesses could boast of such experience. For more than ten years, “MOEM DA NOSIM” has justified the trust of many clients from various fields of business, many individuals, financial and government institutions.

Under the brand name “Moem da nosim” (We Can Move Your Loads), the Company Chist Co Ltd. offers movers, transportation and relocation services within the limits of Sofia city, to the country and in the European Union. The most popular services are moving to a new home, moving your office, moving furniture and belongings, as well as luggage storage.
Since 2013, the company has a packaging store where you can purchase the packaging materials needed for moving out, packaging of parcels or for your business.

Chist Co Ltd. owns its own cars, electric carts, pallet trucks and auxiliaries for free and trouble-free operation. “Moem Da Nosim” has proven that it has the right equipment to perform any jobs. It performs the contracts with the required quality and complies with the deadlines set for the performance of the service.

Our movers - the staff of "Moem da nosim" is well experienced in relocation and transportation. It fulfils its commitments in accordance with the client's requirements, fast and quality work performance. All questions raised will be answered by a competent person and will shortly find their solution.
The company's clients are pleased to report that they have worked well with the management and executive staff of “MOEM DA NOSIM”.

Our transport vehicles are well maintained and equipped. They are suitable for moving homes and offices.

Moving your business
Moving your home

“Moem da nosim” is a brand that specializes in providing a wide range of packaging materials. You can take a look at our packaging in our on-line packaging store. We only pack with quality packaging materials. Take a look at the products we offer.

Packaging with bubble wrap material
Packaging in boxes and stretch film

“MOEM DA NOSIM” provides a guarantee for the services it provides. The company has a General Liability Insurance, which covers damages in connection with its business activities. If you need services for moving, transporting or storing luggage, you can contact us by phone at +359 888 100 238 or by e-mail: