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Luggage storage

Luggage storage within the limits of Sofia in a dry and well protected area.

If you are looking for a warehouse within the limits of Sofia for storage of your luggage, furniture, goods, then our company “MOEM DA NOSIM” is at your services.

The storage of furniture, goods, appliances and any other items requires available space. If you are looking for a place to leave your luggage for a limited time, then look here. We offer luggage storage service. You can safely leave your luggage with us, we will take care of it. You can add and take items from the warehouse at any time. You can change the volume of the occupied area. If you wish, you can inspect the premises before moving your belongings there. Payment depends on the volume of luggage and the duration of its storage. All the luggage that is stored with us is well packed and palletized. Make sure you provide a list of items / luggage that we need to store in our warehouses. Before accepting items / luggage, they are checked to see if they fit the list provided by you.

The price per square meter is 10,00 BGN without VAT per month. The minimum payment is for one month.

We offer the possibility of transporting and carrying luggage. These two services are charged additionally.