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Moving services

We offer moving services within the limits of Sofia, in the country, for heavy loads, in the European Union (EU), for assembly activities, packaging and on-site inspection.
All prices are without VAT.

Moving services within the limits of Sofia. Paid by the hour

Moving services within the limits of Sofia are paid by the hour. The offered service may include a transport vehicle or include only movers. An important feature is the set minimum time for payment. The start of the service is the moment of arrival of the address. When using movers only, the minimum payment time shall be three hours. If the contract is below the set minimum, the final price, regardless of the number of hours worked, will be calculated on the basis of three hours. The price per worker per hour is BGN 15.00.
Moving services with transportation within the limits of Sofia include workers and the means of transport required to fulfil the contract. The minimum work time is set to two hours. The cost of one worker is BGN 15.00 per hour and the rent of the vehicle is BGN 30.00 per hour.

Moving services in the country. Transport is payable per kilometre and movers are paid by the hour

Payment for movers’ services in the country are paid in both directions. The start of the service is the moment of arrival of the address. It is mandatory for the service to be over 100 km in both directions. If the distance is less, then it is calculated per hour. Price per worker is BGN 12.00 per hour, and for the transportation vehicle - BGN 0.70 per kilometre.

Heavy goods moving services. Movers are paid by the hour plus a weight coefficient

Prices for heavy goods are determined according to the way the goods are carried. Whether it involves only workers or does it also include machines for lifting and carrying heavy loads. For such contracts we recommend an inspection to determine the number of movers and the necessary equipment (boards, transport and pallet trucks). Most often the weight coefficient for a single load exceeding 150 kg is BGN 0.50 per kg. The price for one worker is BGN 15.00 per hour. When in the limits of Sofia, the price of transport services is BGN 30.00 per hour, and transport services in the country are BGN 0.70 per km.

Moving services in the EU have an 80% mark-up

When the service is provided on the territory of another country of the European Union, we add to the price of the respective service a mark-up of 80% and when the service is carried out on the territory of another country in the European Union.

Big moves

These moving services are individual in terms of the volume and size of the property transferred. An individual offer is made for these services. For more information, call or email.

Assembly activities

This service is negotiable and depends on the complexity of the assembly process. It is offered as part of the moving services of the Company "MOEM DA NOSIM". The cost of assembly is 15.00 BGN per hour. For complex assembly works we use an outside company.


This service applies to the packing of personal belongings, packaging of household appliances, computer equipment, other appliances, packaging of upholstered furniture, other fragile or easily damaged property. We can use our own packing materials or boxes. This service, as part of the moving services, is paid at BGN 15.00 per hour.

Site inspection

When the contract could not be determined otherwise, we offer an inspection by our workers. The inspection shall be carried out at a convenient time for the customers. After that, an offer for the moving services shall be prepared. The inspection is free of charge.