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Moving your home

We offer moving to a new home within the limits of Sofia and the European Union at good prices, with experienced movers, specialized equipment, well-equipped vehicles and robust packaging. We guarantee a good organization of moving out and quality of the services offered. Our experience in home relocation services gives us the confidence to handle any contract. We offer a free inspection so we can give you the best price for your relocation.
Our main advantage is the full range of relocation services we offer. We offer five basic steps in moving.

Consultation and free inspection

We offer our clients advice on moving their home. The consultation will guide you in the time, cost and measures you need to take before and during the move. For larger and more complex transfers, we make an inspection that is free of charge for our clients, following which we can make a specific offer.

Disassembly and packaging

The items that cannot be moved as they are, shall be carefully disassembled by our specialists and packed well. Packaging is very important, therefore we have a shop that offers a large variety of packaging materials for moving to a new home.

Loading from departure and transportation

Well packed items are carefully moved out and stacked in the trucks. They will be fastened in a special way to prevent damage during transportation. Our drivers are trained and experienced in moving to a new home.

Unloading at the place of arrival and unpacking

Once the furniture and belongings arrive at your new home, they are unloaded and taken in carefully. Everything is unpacked and stowed, all packaging materials are removed immediately.

Assembling and arranging

The furniture to be assembled is carefully assembled and arranged according to the client's request. Our workers will finalize the job when they are sure that everything is in place and when the customer is satisfied with the work done.

We have a large team of movers and do not worry about the volume and complexity of relocation contracts. We have insurance for our home relocation business. We offer a good approach and original solutions in the implementation of the offered moving services. You will work with a young and friendly team of extensive experience. You will be assured of the quality of the services, because we work with modern equipment for moving to a new home. All of our transport vehicles are controlled daily by our movers.

In our packaging store you can find all the necessary packaging materials (boxes, tape, stretch film, bubble wrap, etc.) for moving your home. Everything needed to move your home to Sofia, Bulgaria or abroad may be delivered prior to the completion of the relocation services or during the relocation itself.

Check out our pricing for services and packaging materials. We maintain customer feedback. You can share your comments or recommendations with us on the contacts page. Your opinion is important to us.