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Moving your office

When it comes to moving an office, there is no more appropriate company than “MOEM DA NOSIM”. Over ten years we have been moving homes and offices in Sofia, in the country and abroad. Experience and the right attitude place our company among the first to move offices in the country. Moving is a complicated process when it is not planned well and is not done by professionals. With good organization and good professionals, it becomes a pleasant experience. If you move your current office with us, we will help arrange your future well. Everything will be fulfilled at your request and thanks to our valuable tips based on the experience we have.

Consultation and inspection

The earlier an office move is planned, the better it will proceed. So plan it at least a week in advance and make an appointment. When moving small offices with little furniture and luggage, a telephone consultation is recommended, which can guide you on the cost of moving. For larger offices, call and make an appointment for a personalized quote. The inspections offered by our company are free of charge and can help you plan your costs.

Packaging and dismantling

The property must be well protected, so packaging is very important when moving an office. Visit our packaging store and choose the right packaging materials for you. If you have difficulty choosing, you can consult and select the right packaging. Everything you can pack yourself, do it and it will save you money. If you do not want to do this, contract our movers. The packages can be delivered in advance or during the office move, depending on your choice. Some furniture needs to be dismantled before moving. “MOEM DA NOSIM” offers this service. Once dismantled, the items of furniture are packed and arranged. It is mandatory that all parts are labelled so that they can be assembled more easily.

Carrying and transporting

Carefully, all items of furniture and luggage are loaded on trucks and securely fastened so that they do not damage themselves during transportation. The loading and unloading activities are carried out by movers, who carefully carry all the office furniture, archives and luggage. After everything is transferred to the new address, it will be carefully unpacked.

Assembling and arranging

Once all the luggage is unloaded, those items of furniture that need to be assembled will be assembled and everything shall be arranged at the request of the client. All packaging shall be collected and disposed of in the designated areas. When we are all satisfied with the work done, let us wish ourselves a successful business.