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Frequently Asked Questions

In which cases it is required to undertake on-the-spot check on behalf of our workers movers?

- The on-the-spot check is required for larger relocations, when it is difficult to determine the number of hours it takes to move from our movers and the hours performed by our means of transportation.

What is the amount of property relocation coverage?

- Relocation price include insurance of your belongings, property damage coverage is to 10 000 levs.

Why it is necessary to undertake on-the-spot check for large relocation?

- On-the-spot check aims to accurately determine the price of moving services. During the inspection, the employee become familiar with all relocation details. It helps determine the necessary moving equipment and the number of movers who will participate in the relocation.

Do you offer services for construction waste or personal belongings disposal?

- We do not deal with these activities, we do not have a site for the disposal of waste materials, neither specialized vehicles for construction materials and waste.

Who are the employees movers?

- These are our employees who have employment contract, as loaders and drivers.

How to order moving or transportation service?

- Select the service that you want to order, if you have any further questions, please contact us by phone (0888 100 238) or via email ( ), where our employees will take your order.

What are company's means of transport?

- The company has buses and trucks up to 5 tons suitable for moving services with cargo spaces with the following dimensions: length x width x height: 3.80 to 4.10 x 2.10 x 2.10.
- Cargo compartments of vehicles are covered with tail lift (fitted with lifting platforms).

What is company's relocation equipment?

- The company has a variety of pallet jacks, electric and transport trolleys and other moving equipment.

What is the delivery term in Sofia for goods ordered from our packaging store?

- Orders before 12:30 are processed immediately and deliveries are carried out by the end of the working day.
- Orders after 12:30 are processed immediately, as delivery deadline is before 12:30 the next day. It is possible to deliver the packaging materials by the end of the working day.

What is the estimated delivery time and cost for shipping outside Sofia?

- Deliveries outside Sofia shall be performed by courier company. Prices are according to the price list of the courier (you choose the courier company).