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- cardboard boxes
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- stretch films
- scotch tape

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“Moem da nosim” delivery

Fast delivery in Sofia at attractive prices. Delivery of packing materials, moving of kitchen appliances and any other items. Learn more about “Moem da nosim” delivery.

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Packing materials

For the convenience of our clients we have classified the packing materials in categories such as boxes, film, tape, paper and types such as packing tape, double-sided tape, paper tape, etc. You can order online at low prices. Trust us!

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Five-stage recruitment process in moving companies

The first stage in the recruitment of workers consists of posting the available job. The job advertisement is disseminated mostly through the internet (as well as through personal and professional contacts). The content of the announcement is standard. It includes detailed information on the position, the name of the employer and the type of activity of the moving company, the requirements of the employer (profession, experience, qualification, skills, age, etc.), and the place and term for submission of the job application.

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Free visit

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. For your convenience, one of our workers can visit the site at a time agreed with you to estimate the prices for relocation, movers and transport.
Clients who regularly use our moving services get preferential prices.

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Moving services in Sofia and outside Sofia.

Moving services in Sofia - paid on an hourly basis

Transport services and services without transport. An important feature for new clients is the projected minimum wage for payment. The moment of arrival at the address is considered as beginning of the implementation.

Movers in Sofia is an independent service which involves only workers of our company. There is a projected minimum wage - minimum time of payment of 3 hours. If the order is below that minimum, the final price will be calculated on the basis of three hours, regardless of the hours actually worked by the workers.
Price per hour per worker - 12.00 lev.

Movers with transport in Sofia includes workers and transport vehicle necessary for the service performance. Projected minimum time is 2 hours.
Price per hour per worker (12.00 lev), one moving truck (25.00 lev) – total: 37.00 lev.

Moving services outside Sofia - combined payment (transport is paid per kilometer, for movers – price is paid per hour)

Services outside Sofia are paid in both directions. The moment of arrival at the address is considered as beginning of the implementation.
Long-distance relocations with transport vehicle and movers. A mandatory condition is service to start and finish in the same day when traveling over 100 km in both directions. If the distance is less, please see the conditions of Moving services in the city. Price per hour per worker - 11.00 lev. Transport vehicle per kilometer - 0.65 lev.

Large relocations. These moving services are individual according to the load size, number of workers (movers), requests frequency and client. For additional information, please contact the manager of Chist Co Ltd.

Moving services for heavy loads - combined payment (workers movers plus heavy loads surcharge)

Heavy loads prices are determined depending on the mode of load carrying. Whether only workers or machines for lifting and carrying heavy loads are used (movers and specialized moving equipment). Usually we need to visit the site to determine the number of workers (movers) and the necessary equipment (transport and pallet carts).

Examples of moving services payment for heavy loads

А. Without the use of specialized equipment
Surcharge for a single load weight over 150 kg. - 0.50 lev / kg.
Price per hour per worker - 12.00 lev.
In hard to reach places and lack of space for specialized trucks, machinery or vehicles passage.

B. Use of specialized equipment
Surcharge for a single load weight from 200 kg to 400 kg (moved with specialized equipment and workers ) – 0.50 lev/kg.
Price per hour per worker - 12.00 lev.
* Number of employees is less than moving services without the use of specialized equipment