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Boxes, packing tips

Cardboard boxes are generally classified with respect to their durability and thickness: three-ply, five-ply and kraft. Five-ply boxes are used for packing heavier items. They have a high load capacity and remain intact during the whole moving process. Three-ply boxes are used for lighter, bulkier, non-breakable items and cost less.

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Moem da nosim offers the following services - packaging materials delivery, assembly works, on-the-spot check, wrapping and packaging (boxes, tape, boxes, stretch film, Bubble foil / pop foil, pasteboard, paper etc.) at good prices.

1. Moem da nosim provider in Sofia

1.1. Prices for delivery of packaging materials in Sofia from the packaging materials store of Moem da nosim. The following delivery taxes shall apply in Sofia:
amounting to 6,00 levs.
Deliveries in the country shall be paid to the customer’s courier. Prices are according to the price list of the courier.

1.2. Prices for packaging materials delivery in Sofia - related service. This service is complementary to the transport services and moving services. This service refers to packaging materials that are needed when moving – for property and personal belongings packing. Get free delivery from Moem da nosim provider.

2. Assembly works

This service is negotiable and depends on the assembly works complexity. It is available as part of the moving services of Moem da nosim.

3. Packing

This service applies to packing of personal belongings, home appliances, computer equipment and other equipment, packaging of sofas and other fragile goods that can damage easily. Customers can use their own packaging materials or packaging of Moem da nosim.

4. On-the-spot check

We offer the service on-the-spot check performed by our movers when the order cannot be otherwise determined. Our staff will arrange a convenient time to carry out that inspection. This inspection will determine location, relocation price and the price of movers and transport.

For larger sites, we recommend you to contact us, so that our employees can prepare the right price for you.