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“Moem da nosim” delivery

Fast delivery in Sofia at attractive prices. Delivery of packing materials, moving of kitchen appliances and any other items. Learn more about “Moem da nosim” delivery.

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Moving services price list

For your convenience in researching the prices of movers / complete relocation, we have prepared calculation tables. Thus, you can easily calculate the prices of the moving services you require. Our price list for movers is per man-hour, both in Sofia and the rest of the country. The price for transport is calculated per hour in Sofia and per kilometer for the rest of the country.The move costs depend on the following specifics of the process:
- Packing is charged separately of the moving service for relocation in Sofia;
- If you are using our workers, but not our transport, the minimum time to be paid is three hours;

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To use any of our services: movers, transport or any of the other service, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our prices. On the web page of each service you can find out what is included in the price of each service: moving, transportation and other services. Below we briefly specify services and prices (VAT excluded) of the services offered by " Moem da nosim".

Movers prices

Scope of services Unit

Unit prices /in lev/BGN/

1.Movers prices
1.1. Moving services in Sofia
Movers prices (for one person) hour 12,00 - 15,00
Movers with transport, prices (team of two movers, with transport) hour 49,00 - 60,00
1.2. Moving services outside Sofia
Movers prices (for one person) hour 12,00
1.3. Moving services prices – for heavy loads
Surcharge for weight over 150 kg. kg 0,70
1.4. Moving services prices - for small consignments kg according to price list
2. Transport services prices
2.1. Transport services prices – Sofia
Bus with load capacity of 1.8 tons and 20 cube meters hour 25,00 - 30,00
Truck with load capacity of 5 tons and 30 cube meters hour

35,00 - 40,00

2.2. Long-distance transport services, prices
Bus with load capacity of 1.8 tons and 20 cube meters km 0,70
Truck with load capacity of 5 tons and 30 cube meters km 1,00
3. Other services prices
3.1. Delivery of materials in Sofia p. 6,00
3.4. Assembly activities hour negotiable
3.5. Packing hour 12,00 - 15,00

Movers prices and transport prices are formed depending on the time of use. The minimum time for payment of the entire movers and transport service is 2 hours. When using moving services without transport the minimum time is 3 hours.