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Cardboard boxes are generally classified with respect to their durability and thickness: three-ply, five-ply and kraft. Five-ply boxes are used for packing heavier items. They have a high load capacity and remain intact during the whole moving process. Three-ply boxes are used for lighter, bulkier, non-breakable items and cost less.

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Follow our monthly special offers and take advantage of the available discounts. We strive to maintain some of the best prices for transport and moving services. We are committed to fulfilling your price expectations for moving services and packing materials.

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Our Packing Materials Shop offers large and small cardboard boxes, air bubble wrap, stretch film, nylon, polyethylene foam, tape, bags, eco-bins, corrugated cardboard and wrapping paper. We are committed to providing our clients with secure online shopping experience at attractive prices. At “Moem da nosim” you will find the size of packaging you need.

1.32 BGN
Acrylic adhesive tape, 11.20 BGN
Acrylic adhesive tape, 1
Acrylic self-adhesive tapes 48 mm x 60 m at attractive prices. Tape color: transparent and brown.
Acrylic adhesive tape, 67.20 BGN 6.12 BGN
Acrylic adhesive tape, 6
Self-adhesive packing tapes, the price is per a package of 6. Water-soluble adhesive tape, dimensions 48 mm x 60 m, transparent and brown.
Box for pizza 30x30x4 cm.0.48 BGN
Box for pizza 30x30x4 cm.
Box for pizza, size: 30 cm long, 30 cm wide, 4 cm high.
Solvent tapes, 11.68 BGN
Solvent tapes, 1
Self-adhesive tapes, solvent, 48 mm х 60 m. Extra strong adhesion, transparent and brown. Resistant to temperatures from -30 to +50°C.
Box, LUX, 12/12/8 cm.1.08 BGN
Box, LUX, 12/12/8 cm.
Box for small items, size: 12 cm long, 12 cm wide, 8 cm high. Easy to assemble without tape.
Paper tape, 45/20, 11.92 BGN
Paper tape, 45/20, 1
Paper tape, economy pack /45 mm x 20 m/. Suitable for renovation works. Type of adhesive: solvent.
Box, MAR, 22/20/10.5 cm.0.84 BGN
Box, MAR, 22/20/10.5 cm.
Box for small items, size: 22 cm long, 20 cm wide, 10.5 cm high. Easy to assemble without tape.
Twine Herlitz 45 kg8.40 BGN
Twine Herlitz 45 kg
White twinein. Resisting the pull to 45 kg and carry up to 20 kg.
Paper tape, 45/40, 12.70 BGN
Paper tape, 45/40, 1
Paper tape, 45 mm x 40 m. Suitable for renovation works. Type of adhesive: solvent.
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